Red Ribbon Week assemblies are the perfect opportunity to highlight prescription medication abuse amongst teenagers and youths. The OASAS 2008 Youth Development Survey identified that one in five youths living in New York State, have at one time or another participated in the use and abuse of prescription medications. By now that figure has probably doubled, which increases the need to focus on this kind of drug abuse during an anti-drug assembly.

When parents start investigating whether their children are using or abusing illicit substances, they often fail to look in their own home’s bathrooms. Most homes keep a selection of prescription drugs from valium to beta blockers and some homes even have high end pain killers that are morphine based. When designing your Red Ribbon Week assembly program, be sure to educate students on encouraging their parents to keep prescription drugs under lock and key as well as monitoring the daily usage.

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Talking with your Kids about Current Events?

Why not? There are so many news articles on line, in newspapers and on TV that are truly worthy of noting. The trick if you’re going to talk with your kids about them is to avoid our adult urge to “comment” and/or share our own opinions. Talk about a turn off! Most kids are pretty darned sure about OUR opinions–and they don’t need a lecture from us.

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