Drug testing


Over 80% of Fortune 500 corporations now test for illicit drug use before hiring an employee. According to a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, however, potential applicants who currently use drugs are more likely to apply to smaller companies and hope they aren’t doing background checks.

This same study reports that 1 in 12 full-time workers between the age of 18-64 have used illegal drugs in the past month. This kind of substance abuse costs businesses thousands of dollars every year mostly because these employees are 1/3 less productive and are absent on average five days per month more due to drug use. They are also four times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident and file a worker’s compensation claim. That doesn’t even begin to cover how they affect other employees and raise the level of workplace violence.

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Phencyclidine (phenylcyclohexylpiperidine) commonly initialized as PCP is a disseminative drug, which means that by consuming this drug mind feels separated from the body. PCP was illegally manufactured in labs and sold out in form of tablets from 1950s. According to survey conducted by National Drug Control, more than 187 million children age 12 and older have abused PCP at least once in their past life. PCP abuse causes many negative psychological effects and due to these effects, it was never approved for human use.

Effects of PCP drug abuse
Due to the overdose of PCP, the drug abusers have unpleasant psychological effects. Their behavior will be unpredictable and often violent behavior is associated. Sometimes the abusers can even commit suicide. Under the influence of PCP, the following are the effects on health of drug abuser.

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