drug addiction stories


In recent years, the prescription drug addictions of many public figures have come to light. One of the most tragic personal prescription drug addiction stories in recent years is that of radio commentator Rush Limbaugh. He achieved a level of fame, wealth, and influence that most people would envy, but he dealt with a privately devastating prescription drug addiction.

Rush Limbaugh is a prominent conservative talk show host and author. Around 20 million listeners tune into his radio show Monday through Friday. He wrote several books that have become bestsellers and have sold millions of copies. His conservative opinions (including calls for personal responsibility and clean living) and quick wit made him a national superstar; many people were shocked when it developed that he was addicted to drugs, himself.

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One thing which I have realized while looking deeper into drug addiction is that there are so many people who are fascinated by pictures of drug addicts and drug addiction stories. It is only now that I have been doing a lot more research on this field that I think I might truly understand why this is.

You see, the people who are doing the searches for these pictures of drug addicts and their stories are not actually the substance abusers themselves, but more their families and loved ones. It gives them a base line on which to judge the severity of their loved ones problem.

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