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Have you ever asked yourself why depression rates appear to be rising?

Maybe your mood has changed since taking a particular pain medication, steroid or birth control pill. Or possibly a number of diet or behavior issues combined are creating your “Personal” experience of depression.

I once heard a noted doctor on TV say:

Just because you have the symptoms of depression, doesn’t mean that you’re depressed. She was alluding to the fact that dietary and lifestyle choices, food allergies, or things like toxin overload could be at the root of depression symptoms. Once these issues are addressed often the symptoms of depression will lift.


Traditional (Generally considered the causes of depression)

Family history
Learned behavior
Poor coping skills
Neurotransmitter imbalance (based only on theory)

Medications:(Common but often overlooked causes of depression)

Antibiotics (immune suppression/yeast overgrowth)
Pain medications
Cholesterol lower drugs
Anxiety drugs
Steroids HRT’s and Birth Control pills
Blood Pressure medicines

Dietary Causes:(Often ignored as contributors to depression)

Tran fats/Low fat/Wrong fats in the diet
Food additives, Aspartame, MSG etc.
Processed and/or nutrient depleted foods
Food allergies (often the ones you crave, wheat (gluten)/milk)

Lifestyle Causes:

Illegal drugs
Heavy Metals (like mercury fillings)

Infectious Agents:

Such as yeast overgrowth. Remember antibiotic use can start this process and sugar is the fuel. Yeast/fungus overgrowth pours toxins into your bloodstream that can affect your brain.

Co-Existing Diseases:

Such as heart disease, hypoglycemia, cancer, crohns etc.

Nutrient Deficiencies:

B Vitamins (such as B2, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, etc)
Minerals (such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc)
Amino Acids/Protein (L-Tryptophan for serotonin/melatonin production)
Essential Fatty Acid’s (Omega 3’s are needed for brain health)
Enzymes (needed for proper digestion)

Nutrient deficiencies can also be caused by lifestyle choices, such as smoking, which depletes magnesium and zinc, or antibiotics that deplete magnesium and kills the beneficial bacteria that normally make B vitamins.

This begs the question, if all of these things can cause depression, why is it that when you are diagnosed with depression, no tests are given, yet antidepressants, are generally the only solution?

Have you ever asked yourself why depression rates appear to be rising?

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