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It’s not unusual for children to run away from home. In fact, they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years. I’ve done it myself – not once, but three times. Like many children who run away, I came back within a few hours the first time. As child abuse articles often discuss, running away is often impulsive and unplanned. Some children might even look for fun or adventure by running away with a friend, in some cases more than once.

TV, films and books often glorify running away from home. In the juvenile novel where Toby Tyler runs away from his strict uncle to join the circus exemplifies this treatment. After ten weeks with the circus, Toby realized his uncle wasn’t so bad after all, and he went back home. The Prodigal Son mentioned in the Bible parable discusses a similar situation. The son left home to escape his father’s influence and experience the world. Eventually he returned with a better appreciation of what he’d left, and the father welcomed him back.

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Talking with your Kids about Current Events?

Why not? There are so many news articles on line, in newspapers and on TV that are truly worthy of noting. The trick if you’re going to talk with your kids about them is to avoid our adult urge to “comment” and/or share our own opinions. Talk about a turn off! Most kids are pretty darned sure about OUR opinions–and they don’t need a lecture from us.

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Articles providing information on Single Parenting are becoming very popular nowadays, and they are available in plenty. If you are a single parent you need not worry of how to tackle the difficult situations you may face with your children.

There are a lot of articles like this and many websites and also magazines. All you have to do is take some time and search. For articles that are more precise and that will provide you with exactly what you want you could look for them in the libraries. By reading these articles and books one can develop a good ideas how to handle a situation and these articles will behave as a guide and help you out to make your parenting life a little easier.

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Many articles have been written about drug addiction. This is definitely a plus if you are looking for information about drug addiction and ways to overcome this problem. A quick Internet search reveals over four million articles in the archives about drug addiction.

Why are there so many? Well, because drug addiction is a very real problem in our country affecting millions and millions of people. We are desperate to find information to help ourselves or our loved ones with an addiction problem and these articles are great sources of facts, figures, and helpful tips to help beat addiction.

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We all want what is best for our children. We give toys, books, clothes, love, care, and everything that they need just to see them smile. Giving them what is right is truly the best choice. But isn’t wonderful if we give them things that can nurture their brain and judgment? Highlight Magazine for Children is designed for kids to love and parents to enjoy.

There have been many times when we bother ourselves thinking of special presents for our kids. We look in every corners of a store to find things appropriate for them. What most of us miss are the things that can mold our children. Toys are perfect presents, but not all them time. Books and Highlights Magazine for Children are always the best gifts no matter what the occasion is.

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According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, Cocaine was involved in over 380,000 emergency room visits in 2004 alone. Cocaine is extremely potent, whether taken in powder or the crack forms. Mild symptoms include increased heart rate, sleep disorders and convulsions. Snorting the drug can permanently damage nasal tissue. Cocaine interferes with brain processes, can cause heart attacks, seizures and strokes. Even first time use can cause fatal heart attacks. For those it doesn’t kill, the addiction can easily lead to habits that require thousands of dollars a week to support. Cocaine also has severe effects on the unborn. This can start at underweight babies or pre-term labor on up to miscarriage. Cocaine can cause placental wall tearing, losing the attachment to the uterus. This can kill mother and baby at birth if not detected in time. If the baby survives birth, cocaine can lead to strokes, heart attacks, urinary infections and heart defects. While it appears many babies exposed to cocaine use in the womb can eventually recover, it also appears that this doubles their chances of developmental delays.

According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, Heroin was involved in over 160,000 emergency room visits in 2004 alone. Heroin suppresses the central nervous system, resulting in poor mental functioning, and can even suppress the autonomic functions to the point of respiratory failure. Chronic use damages the heart, liver and circulatory system and increases the risk of pulmonary issues such as pneumonia. Heroin abusers generally use injections, with associated infection risk including HIV. Additionally, the drug is often mixed with other chemicals to allow a given quantity to result in more sales, so strength is always unknown and poisons have been used to stretch the drug supply. Children who were exposed to heroin before birth will go through horrible withdrawal symptoms after birth, and have ten times the chance of dying of SIDS. Developmental slowdowns are also possible.

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I completely agree with you that thoughtful feature writing can be more challenging than the classic hard news stories. I don’t think that your preferences necessarily make you more suited for magazine work than for newspaper work, but I do think that you should consider pursuing a feature writing career rather than a hard news career.

Whatever you pursue, the good thing about hard news and features for both papers and magazines is that you can use your creative writing skills for virtually any story. A “featurey” lead is all the rage anyway. I wish I had more concrete advice for you, but perhaps these comments can help you find the right path for you.

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“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.”
-Stephen Hawking

Pedophiles have been making the news quite regularly lately. First it was the pedophile “instruction manual” found in Florida. Then it was the expose involving NAMBLA’s substantial presence in Facebook. Now it is the uproar over allowing the book “A Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure” to be sold on its virtual shelves.

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