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It’s not unusual for children to run away from home. In fact, they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years. I’ve done it myself – not once, but three times. Like many children who run away, I came back within a few hours the first time. As child abuse articles often discuss, running away is often impulsive and unplanned. Some children might even look for fun or adventure by running away with a friend, in some cases more than once.

TV, films and books often glorify running away from home. In the juvenile novel where Toby Tyler runs away from his strict uncle to join the circus exemplifies this treatment. After ten weeks with the circus, Toby realized his uncle wasn’t so bad after all, and he went back home. The Prodigal Son mentioned in the Bible parable discusses a similar situation. The son left home to escape his father’s influence and experience the world. Eventually he returned with a better appreciation of what he’d left, and the father welcomed him back.

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